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"Paz" the Panther

The  angel Gabriel was sent by God to the village of Nazareth. He went to the home of a young girl called Mary and greeted her, "Hail, full of grace..." (Luke 1: 26-28)

This greeting is the basis of our Blessed Mother Mary's title, Our Lady of Grace. Our Lady of Grace Catholic School's mascot illustrates our school family's commitment to Mary's example. Beginning in medieval heraldry, the panther signifies a brave woman who is very tender and loving to her young, while also protecting and defending them. We know that it took both faith and bravery to say "Yes!" to God as Mary did. Her courage stands as a model by which we live. We also know that when we ask Mary to pray for us, we have faith that we will find comfort, support, and confidence. Paz, a fitting name for our mascot, represents the peace that comes from this powerful faith and unyielding bravery.

At Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, both students and teachers alike are daily reminders of Mary's example. Enter the den, and in our school family you will find faith, courage, comfort, support, and confidence.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
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