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Special Education - PACE Program

PACE ... Providing an Appropriate Catholic Education

The PACE Program at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School offers a specialized, Catholic education program for students whose learning needs require a small classroom setting and specialized instructional strategies.

The OLG PACE program serves a small group of elementary students, who have varying ability levels, with different amounts of resource and individualized instruction, based on their current strengths and needs. Some students are in their regular classroom for all subject areas, and they receive additional specialized instruction in reading and writing through PACE. Other students receive their core reading and writing instruction in the PACE classroom and are integrated into the regular education classroom for other subject areas. When needed, instruction in other subject areas is also provided in the PACE classroom. All of these students attend homeroom, lunch/recess, and specials classes with their regular classrooms.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the OLG PACE Program will also provide special education services to elementary students who require a self-contained classroom with a separate curriculum. Students requiring this program would be performing significantly below grade level across subject areas, and their progress would be limited in the regular classroom (even with modifications, accommodations, and pull-out services), therefore, requiring a different curriculum from the regular classroom.  These students will receive all instruction in the PACE classroom, but they will integrate with a regular classroom for lunch/recess and specials (Art, Music, PE and Computers).

The PACE teacher is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of reading and writing instruction and certified in Special Education by the state of North Carolina. 

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