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The Our Lady of Grace Catholic School Community inspires a passion for learning and a commitment to academic excellence built on a foundation of Catholic faith. As one family, we nurture the whole person to serve and to lead with love, respect, dignity and integrity.

Over 60 Years of Experience

Since 1953, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School has offered on-level and accelerated academics in a faith-filled setting. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, OLG provides families with children from 3-15 an educational approach that addresses the whole child: mind, body and spirit. In accordance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI), OLG is committed to the improvement of education in the south and the continual improvement of the school’s own operations.

Academic Excellence

After graduation from OLG, students are prepared for both private and public high school expectations in academics, study skills and discipline. Over the past several years, OLG graduates have performed in top academic tiers and received high honors and scholarships to both in-state and out of state universities. Beginning in First Grade, the school offers three levels of math instruction, including Geometry in the 8th Grade. OLG’s Spanish program provides a high school Level I Course (over 7th and 8th grades), which transfers as a high school credit in the Guilford County public high schools.

Tailored Instruction

Throughout the year, teachers give students challenging daily work, along with formative assessments to help guide group, small group and individual instruction. Student achievement results provide teachers with the data needed to work successfully with each child’s ability level. In OLG classrooms, teachers “meet the students where they are and help them reach their own potential”. Resource teachers are available to assist students in need of extra help.

Founded in Faith

Faith is alive in the classrooms at OLG. Daily Religion classes encourage students to follow the teachings of the Bible and the lessons from Jesus' works and parables. Each grade level learns about the Liturgical year and the Holy Days of the Catholic faith. Classes rotate in the responsibility of serving as readers and greeters during weekly Mass with Father Paul Buchanan or Father Christian Cook. Other school-related religious activities include the Living Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, and learning about Catholic Social Justice pillars.

Special Education Programs

While many faith-based schools offer programs for “typical” children, OLG welcomes students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and with Learning Disabilities! OLG is a pioneer in the Triad area of Catholic Special Education. OLG’s Quest Program serves a small number of students with Autism; the program currently serves students ages 3-10 who are high functioning. PACE (Providing Appropriate Catholic Education) has students in both self-contained and inclusion settings. This program is designed for students with a range of learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing.

Giving Back to the Local and Global Community

Students from Pre-K through 8th Grade participate in projects that raise money and goods for various local shelters and food pantries. In addition, OLG students have helped at local organizations stocking shelves and serving food to the homeless. In Middle School, students are required to contribute 15 hours of service to the community and church. Many of our students continue to volunteer for non-profit groups through high school and beyond!
Beyond the Classroom

OLG takes advantage of its location near downtown Greensboro with field trips that explore the world beyond the classroom through technology and through field trips to area museums and universities where the arts and theater are alive! Visits to places like the Civil Rights Museum and UNCG Theater enhance the curriculum by providing a visual reference.

Middle School students have overnight field trips to nature preserves to the east and west of the school. OLG grads often remember them best as the Mountain Trip, the Beach Trip and the DC Trip. These are all growing opportunities for our students as they learn about the importance of caring for all of God’s creatures, the environment and the leadership of our country.

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