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Admissions Timeline

Admissions at Our Lady of Grace are ongoing throughout the school year. 



Our admissions process begins with a tour/visit of the school. Tours are done by appointments made through our Admissions Office. Please call 336-275-1522 to schedule a tour.


Student Shadow Visit

Prospective students are encouraged to schedule a “Shadow Visit” to the school. A Shadow visit allows the applicant the opportunity to experience a regular school day in their current grade level. The duration of shadow visits will vary depending on the grade level the student is applying for and must be scheduled through the Admissions Office.


 The following documents are required:

                - Birth Certificate

                - Baptismal certificate, if Catholic

                - First Communion certificate, if applicable

                - Immunization records and physical exam (Health form available online)

                - Copy of current year report card and previous year final report card

                - Copy of current and previous year standardized test scores (if applicable)

                - Copy of benchmark assessments

                - Copy of most recent progress report

                - 2 Teacher Recommendation Forms (included in the application packet)

                - Child Custody Documents (if applicable)

                - Copy of any documentation requested below (no more than 2 years old)


In addition, the following requirements must be met for specific grade levels:

                - PreK 3 - 3 years old by August 31, potty trained before first day of school

                - PreK 4 - 4 years old by August 31

                - Kindergarten - 5 years old by August 31

                - 1st Grade - 6 years old by August 31


Once a complete application packet has been turned in, the Admissions Committee will review each applicant’s file to determine if OLG is a good fit for the student. Applicants who meet the admissions criteria will be contacted by the Admissions Office to schedule an academic screening through  ABC Educational Services.

Non-discrimination Policy:  Our Lady of Grace Catholic School follows a policy of non-discrimination with regard to race, color or ethnic origin. The policy of non-discrimination refers to the acceptance and participation of all students. The school adheres to the policies stipulated by the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

Admissions Decision:   After the application process has been completed, the Admissions Committee will meet to review the faculty feedback and make a decision to accept/not accept an applicant. All decisions will be communicated to the Parent/Guardian by the Admissions          Director. An acceptance call and email will be followed by an acceptance letter and packet that will include an enrollment agreement and any supplemental information.

* A decision to not accept an applicant is based on the Admissions Committee and Faculty observations, in which determination has been made that the educational setting is not an appropriate match for the student’s specific strengths and needs.

* Admissions to Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is based on class capacity, the availability of resources as well as the developmental, academic and behavioral qualifications of the applicant.  All applicants are required to participate in the school’s admission interview and screening process.


Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid: Our Lady of Grace School offers financial aid to current families and prospective students.

Financial Aid through FACTS:

OLG invites families to apply for the school’s financial aid through FACTS Management at:  The process is simple and confidential. Current families and families in the process of applying for admission to OLG can apply by submitting the relevant documents at the FACTS website.  Please contact Paola Scilinguo-Mendoza at for more information .

OLG also accepts the following North Carolina grants and scholarships:

* Opportunity Scholarship:  This state scholarship awards families up to $4200 per year; it is a income-based program. Students entering Kindergarten and First Grade DO NOT need to be enrolled in public school in order to apply for these monies. Students in grades 2-8 must be enrolled in a North Carolina public school. For more information about eligibility and the application process, go to: Go to K-12 Scholarship Grants to find the Opportunity Scholarship. Applications for new and renewing students opens on February 1, 2019 and it is open for one month.

* Disabilities Grant:  OLG also accepts the NC Disability Grant, awarded to students with Special Needs. OLG has several students in PACE and Quest who receive this grant which covers up to $8000 of tuition each year. NCSEAA will accept applications starting on May 1, 2019. For more information about eligibility and the application process, go to:  Go K-12 Scholarship Grants to locate the Disabilities Grant.

* Education Savings Account (ESA) New this year, the ESA expands school choice for students with disabilities in grades K-12. OLG is one of the schools that accepts students receiving these monies, which gives parents access to $9000 on a debit card. For more information about eligibility and the application process, go to: . Go K-12 Scholarship Grants to locate the Education Savings Account Program. Applications to this program will be available starting on February 1, 2019.

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