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Special Education Program – Quest/AU Inclusion

Quest Mission Statement:
Our Lady of Grace is on a Quest to bring quality instruction to children with high functioning autism. We are blending small classroom size with researched based curriculum in the areas of social skills, language and academics. Inclusion opportunities will be in child- centered, creative, faith-based environment.

Program Overview
The Quest Program at Our Lady of Grace School offers children (early childhood through middle school) with high functioning autism structured individualized instruction in the areas of social skill development, academic course work and language acquisition. This program is for students who benefit from inclusion opportunities with their typical peers in instructional and social environments. The goal of the program is to develop the whole child to become successful within all types of environments.

Quest Curriculum
The students enrolled in the Quest Program will receive instruction in both the regular education classroom and separate setting small groups. Individual learning and social needs will be met through Student Accommodation Plan (SAP). They will receive instruction in the areas of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, physical education, media/technology, social skill instruction and religion. Sensory needs will be addressed on an individual basis so each child can reach his/her full potential in the classroom.

Teaching Staff
The teaching staff for the Quest Program is led by Colleen Cox, a veteran teacher with 17 years of experience teaching children with autism. Ms. Cox is in charge of students in Grade 2-6. She holds a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University. Joan Sloyan is in charge of the Quest program fore Middle School. She has a Master's in Special Education, she facilitates instruction and inclusion opportunities for student in grades 6-8.

"I believe in meeting students’ needs where they are and fostering creativity and individuality with each child while providing them with quality instruction that will give them the tools they need to be a successful." (Colleen Wright, lead teacher of the Quest Program)

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