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School boards are charged by the Diocese of Charlotte to aid the principal in the following way:

  1. Advocacy: The school board is a voice for the school community.
  2. Advisory: The school board aids in the development of goals, objectives and the establishment of short and long-term goals.
  3. Evaluative: The school board evaluates the effectiveness of school operations and makes recommendations for improvements.
The school board does not provide advice or aid in decisions made regarding personnel, parents or students individually. Diocesan policy specifically prohibits the board from being involved in the hiring or firing of professional staff, in dealing with cases involving student discipline, in authorizing capital expenditures in excess of $1,000 or in selecting textbooks or deciding other specifics of the educational program. 
The board meets monthly from September through June at 6 pm in the OLG School media center. See the Calendar on the school website for dates. Parents are welcome to attend school board meetings, but it is asked that visitors do call the board president, the principal or the pastor to notify them of their planned attendance. Also, visitors should understand that they are not voting members of the board and therefore, could be asked to leave during any voting matters or if any confidential matters should arise.
Parents interested in being on the board should notify a board member or the principal. New board members are elected at the end of each school year. Board members serve for three years.

2020-2021 School Board Members

   Chairperson - JJ Flores
   Vice-Chairperson - Christopher Cox
   Secretary -  Jennifer Cobb
OLG Church
   Fr. Casey Coleman - Pastor
   Fr. Michael Carlson - Parochial Vicar
OLG School
   Catherine Rusch - Principal
   Deacon Mark Mejias - Business Manager
   Paola Scilinguo-Mendoza - Admissions & Marketing Director
   Marielle Young - Staff Representative
   Tony Mullen - PTO President
   Emily Condrasky
   Katie Kilgariff
   Samantha Horvath
   Emily Disney