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Investing in a Catholic Education

A Catholic education helps ALL students succeed
Academic Achievement  
Students who are graduated from Catholic schools demonstrate higher academic achievement than students from similar backgrounds in public schools (Sander, 1996). From OLG, there have been several high school graduates who have served as Class Valedictorians and Salutatorians in the Greensboro area, including Bishop McGuinness, Grimsley and Page.
Greater parity among students
Across gender and race, there is a smaller achievement gap in faith-based schools than in public schools. This means that our graduates, despite their many physical differences perform similarly, while in public schools there are marked differences in academic performance (Jeynes, 2007). Visit the school and see how ALL of our students are encouraged, taught and nourished academically and spiritually!
Future Success
Latino and African American students in Catholic schools are more likely to graduate from high school and more likely to graduate from college than those from similar backgrounds in public schools (Neal, 1997). Catholic school students are also likely to earn higher wages as adults in the professional world (Neal, 1997). OLG has several current families with at least one parent who is an OLG alum; what a testament to the school this represents!
Lifelong Servants 
Catholic school graduates are more likely to participate in civic minded activities like community service, committed to volunteerism and voting than graduates of public schools (Dee, 2005).  Faith and the lessons of Jesus are great examples that the school promotes to encourage a life of service and mercy. Examples of OLG graduates giving back are all over our Greensboro community; ask around!
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