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The primary goal of the Learning Support Program (LSP) is to help ensure successful learning of each student who is in need of additional learning support. Team planning with all the teachers involved with a student displaying learning concerns is vital to obtaining this goal as is involving parents in the learning process. Learning Support Teachers provide both direct and indirect learning support.
The Learning Support Teacher (LST)  provides direct support to students in a number of ways. Team teaching and close planning and coordination with regular classroom teachers, teachers of special subjects, and counselors provide a team approach to the total child’s successful learning. The LST may offer whole class instruction, whole group instruction, individual assistance within an inclusive setting, pull out for small group or individual work, and supervision of trained volunteers who are working with the LST/Title I students.
The LST provides indirect student support by providing suggestions to parents and teacher on ways to accommodate a student’s learning difficulties. Modifications/accommodations and/or interventions may be provided. Specific suggestions to parents on ways to structure homework concerns are an ongoing aspect of the role of the LST. A LST may facilitate a contractual agreement with a student to provide motivation and reinforcement. Indirect services to a student might also involve coordinating medication information. The LST is also available to work with professionals in the community who are working with our students to ensure a team effort in addressing learning difficulties.
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