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Teaching and Learning

The curriculum in grades K-5 extends beyond the Common Core Standards as set by the state of North Carolina. Students in these grades benefit from our teachers who explore farther than the Common Core Standards through personalized learning and lessons designed to incorporate all learning styles.

Regular Progress Reports

Progress reports are issued every six weeks, and parents are invited to schedule conferences with teachers in November and throughout the year.

Technology as a Tool

OLG teachers are equipped with the technology and skills to provide students with opportunities to identify and develop individual strengths that will serve them well in years to come.

Cultivating Leadership

Individual growth and independence are necessary assets as students and citizens. As such, OLG students are encouraged through classroom responsibilities, independent projects, and classwork that involves critical thinking and problem solving. For example, students fill the roles of line leader, classroom greeter, Mass reader, and bring home Friday folders to be reviewed and signed by

Collaborative Activities

Social skills are built through small group and school wide projects. After students are placed in small study groups, they are tasked with working with others in solving math problems, word work and science projects. Whole school activities include the Big Buddy Program, Music performances, cross-grade clubs and monthly can collections in addition to occasional large scale art projects.
If you'd like to see our curriculum in action, please call 336-275-1522 to schedule a tour or email our Admissions Director Paola Scilinguo-Mendoza at
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