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Art is an important part of the education of the whole child. All of our children from the youngest Panther Cubs to the 8th graders visit the art room once each week. For the past several years, our Art staff has submitted an annual grant application to the United Arts Council and been awarded hundreds of dollars for special projects ranging from a celebration of our various cultural heritages to a school mural in the hall outside the cafeteria.

Lower School Art

Mrs. Patrick is the lower school art teacher and she has had a long successful career in art instruction at several area schools. She teaches children from Pre-school three & four year olds to fifth grade. Young students learn how to use art materials in a fun, creative, safe way. Older students explore, painting, drawing, printing, and sculpture.

Middle School Art

Middle school art is taught one day a week to Our Lady of Grace students by Mrs. Schultz. Sixth through eighth grades make connections between art and other subject areas, while expressing themselves visually. Sixth and seventh graders completed a project this year in which they drew the church from observation and learned about the physics of Gothic architecture. Eight graders completed a design challenge for the annual yearbook.
When you visit our school, be sure to look for the colorful and creative student artwork which is always on display in our halls!
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